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Are Your Emergency Responders Prepared?

Supporting local emergency responders

Reducing the loss of life and human suffering caused by disasters and acts of terrorism

Elevating social consciousness of catastrophe preparedness through public advocacy

Providing immediate support for local public safety agency’s disaster response

Disaster Preparedness DC, Inc., a non-profit public charity, reduces disaster related loss of life and human suffering by directly supporting first responders’ training and equipment needs. The charity organization elevates social consciousness of catastrophe preparedness through public advocacy, and provides immediate support to local public safety agencies during emergency disaster responses. Disaster Preparedness DC was founded in 2015 by Columbia, MD-resident, Gene T. Ryan, a DC Fire and EMS Department Sergeant and Human Remains Detection canine handler.

hours before outside disaster relief help arrives

avg. major disasters annually from 2000 - 2015

FEMA Disaster Task Forces

The Disaster Preparedness DC Project Has 4 Main Components:


Residential and commercial buildings continue to grow and morph while city populations simultaneously continue to reach unprecedented levels. With new forms of complex building construction, and the ever present real threat of terrorism, first responders need to continually update search and rescue equipment.

A single Delsar life detection camera can cost nearly $15,000. Disaster canines capable of quickly locating trapped victims buried under piles of rubble cost can upwards of $20,000 each. These tools, while expensive, can be just as lifesaving as the air we breathe. Identifying equipment that can save the most lives in the shortest amount of time has become a priority.

Helping to procure disaster response equipment, such as search and rescue canines, is at the cornerstone of our organization’s mission.

Community Outreach

An interactive Train the Trainer certificate program is used in public schools to prepare high school aged students to serve as community preparedness messengers. Students, as leaders in their communities, are trained to promote awareness of emergency preparedness and increase preparedness levels within the community.

Students  learn to exercise leadership skills by creating a ‘culture of preparedness’ in their schools and in peer groups. During group work, students practice skills to ‘influence’ peers and deliver the preparedness message whereby increasing resilience, at home and within the community.

Research & Development

Disaster preparedness is not a simple concept. It is not only about stockpiles of water and batteries. Preparedness and survival are about what people know, what they think, and who they trust.

Our organization has partnered to identify evidence based best practices for protecting our community. We are focused on finding the evidence that will help citizens and first responders improve their readiness and capacity to respond and recover from emergencies of every kind.



The uncertainty and infrequency of disasters make it hard for responders to validate their response strategies. Lessons are taught in hopes that responders will learn from past experience and improve future responses.

Our organization provides tuition scholarships directly to eligible first responders so that they may travel and train around the globe and then bring a world’s worth of experience bring back to their community.



Support Emergency Responders

In an emergency or disaster situation, having the proper equipment and specialized training is paramount.

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